The more I’m around dogs the more I realized how they hold the secret to a happy life. No, I don’t mean butt sniffing and leg humping (although I do enjoy both now and again). I’m talking about the things that really matter.

Most people have heard that dogs are present-minded creatures, which means that they “live in the moment” and don’t spend a second thinking about what happened in the past or what’s on tap for the future. Although you’re probably already aware of this, have you ever contemplated it and realized the simple power of it?

Dogs are all about the here and now. They don’t care what horrible things happened just five minutes ago, and are totally unaware of any unpleasant things on the agenda in the future. They don’t dwell on their mistakes and are unconcerned about their potential failures of tomorrow.

Dogs make the best of every situation that comes their way. They don’t look at the dogs around the neighborhood, envying them if they have a bigger house, nicer collar or a live with a human with more time to spend with them. No, they truly appreciate everything in their life, no matter what.

Our dog’s biggest pleasures come from the simplest (and most inexpensive) events. They jump for joy (sometimes literally) at the proposition of a walk – even when it’s only around the block; totally enjoy the bliss of a sunbeam to lie in; and reach the same level of crazy excitement each and every time you throw their favorite squeaky toy (usually the one way past its prime, that has very little stuffing left and a smell that is so unique that it defies adjectives).

There is never any judgment about anything either. Our dogs don’t care how much money we make or if we gain a few pounds, and they don’t hold grudges if we break a promise or come home late. No, they greet us with the same happy smile and friendly wag of their tail no matter what.

We can learn a lot from out dogs if we just open ourselves up to what they have to teach. So, I invite you to take at least one day to live like a dog. Whatever you are doing today, give it your 100% attention. Don’t think about the next task, the rest of the day’s responsibilities, or the crap that hit the fan an hour ago. Just embrace what you’re doing fully. Be on the lookout for many amazing, simple pleasures present in everyday life. Take a moment to hear the birds singing in the morning, truly appreciate your car, and greet all your family and friends with all of the love and energy that your dog shows you.

We spend lots of time trying to train our dogs how to live in the human world, take one day to let them show us how to live the life of a dog: a life of simple pleasures and daily joys.

photo by: kakissel

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