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This is the first of what will hopefully be many real world case studies where I invite on a someone who has had an issue with their dog and had success improving it. We’ll go over what the situation was, how they treated the problem and see how it worked out.

In this episode we welcome back Kari Neumeyer, author of Bark and Lunge, to share her story with her dog reactive German Shepherd. After struggling for some time she finally stumbled upon something that started to turn things around and allow her to walk her freely once more.

In this episode

[1:09]  Welcome to Real World Case Studies

[2:35]  Kari Neumeyer’s new dog and new problems

[5:06]  What didn’t work

[7:19]  The causes of dog reactivity

[10:15]  Kari’s secret weapon for training

[14:55]  Fern’s take on the treatment

[18:50]  Is breed a factor

[23:19]  Experimentation is key

[25:03]  Teaching watch cue

[30:16]  Advice for people with reactive dogs


Episode 43

Bark and Lunge book

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