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As our dogs get older their needs change and to keep them healthy we have to make sure we keep on top of the many things that can affect their longevity. We need to be very aware of our dog’s health and “be our dog’s advocate,” as Dr. Nancy Kay, my guest on this week’s show, puts it.

When are dogs reach senior dog status it’s super important to understand that they are very different than when they were younger and we need to consider different aspects of their health to keep them healthy and happy.

This is very important to me because my dog, Hayley, is turning 13 this winter. I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to keep her living a happy life and have her around for as long as possible.

In this episode:

[3:44]  Meet Dr. Kay

[5:48]  At what age your dog becomes a senior dog

[9:28]  Common ailments to expect as dogs get older

[13:35]  The most important thing you can do to help your dog’s mobility

[18:58]  How often you should take your dog to the vet for check ups

[21:21]  Symptoms to watch out for

[23:30]  How we should limit our older dog’s activity

[26:03]  Supplements that can help dog’s as they get older

[29:40]  Should we continue to vaccinate older dogs

[34:00]  How to know when it’s time to let your dog go

[39:31]  What you can find in Dr. Kay’s books

[46:30]  Training Tip


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