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Walking on a leash is not something that just comes naturally to dogs, it’s something that they have to learn – and it’s our job to teach them.

There’s lots of different ways to train your dog not to pull on leash and what works best for one dog and handler might not be the best choice for another. It often takes some experimentation and trial and error to discover what works best for your dog.

In this episode I go over a few of the more common techniques to achieve loose leash walking that you can try with your dog so that you can enjoy your walks together.

In this episode

[1:35]  dog rescue t-shirt thanks

[2:57]  a dog’s perspective on leash walking

[5:30]  tools for leash walking

[8:13]  my favorite tool for leash pulling

[9:50]  the goal of leash walking

[10:52]  where should your dog be on leash

[14:26]  five different ways to train loose leash walking

[24:24]  why I don’t teach Heel

[25:39]  how to deal with excitement on leash

[28:00]  training tip of the show

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