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This past Sunday my poochy pal, Hayley turned 13. It got me thinking about all we’ve been through and how she (and I) have changed over the years. It made me realized just how different every stage of a dog’s life is and how we need to adapt to the marching of time.

As dogs get older their needs change and there are different things you should be aware of and focusing on. Their energy level shifts, their daily needs may change and we need to adjust the things we do with them each year.

I’ll go through the 5 life stages of dogs and tell you what you need to know so that you can keep your dog happy and healthy as he gets older.

In this episode

[1:25]  A big thanks for listening

[3:30]  My new podcast coming soon

[4:00]  Happy birthday to my dog Hayley

[5:10]  How our dogs change throughout life

[6:23]  The first life stage for dogs

[9:41]  The most important things to concentrate on with puppies

[11:36]  Surviving adolescence

[14:59]  What happens when dogs become adults

[19:00]  The effects of middle age

[24:10]  Helping your dog enjoy the golden years

[28:40]  The importance of regular vet visits

[33:27]  Training tip of the week

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