There’s one skill that could save your dog’s life one day, and that’s knowing to come when called. Too many people take recall for granted and only think about it when they need it because their dog is running toward the street.

Have a rock solid recall could potentially be the difference between life or death. No I’m not being over dramatic, I know of dog’s that have died because they didn’t come back when called and ran head first into a deadly situation.

Since it’s so important I wanted to devote an entire episode to how to effectively teach your dog to come when called. This is super important for anyone with a dog, no matter how much training you have done. Listen in and get to work on improving your dog’s recall today.

In this episode

2:34  Listen question about encounter off leash dogs

9:31  Why teaching your dog to come when called is important

11:19  Why most dogs don’t come when called

14:52  When NOT to call your dog

16:58  How to teach come – step by step

25:20  Tips to make your dog’s recall better

30:25  Training tip of the week


Citronella spray deterrent

Red Caution leash

Dogs in Need of Space store

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