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There are plenty of ways to help your dog learn to live nicely in this very human world of ours, but there are also many ways you can create a four-legged monster without even realizing it. I see a lot of bad behaviors being created by well meaning people who just don’t quite understand what they are doing.

In this episode I cover nine different ways that you may be enabling or creating your dogs bad behaviors. Most of these things go under the radar or go unrealized until it’s been going of for a while, making it difficult and time consuming to address. Listen carefully and make an honest assessment of what’s going on with you and your dog, then make the changes necessary to set your dog up to succeed and be the good dog he wants to be.

In this episode

[1:35]  Introducing my private new club

[4:30]  Listener question about dog reactivity

[11:20]  The best way to screw up a puppy

[14:13]  The one thing you must do with your dog

[18:42]  The single worst invention for dogs

[24:05]  Dangers of too much affection

[27:34]  Importance of consistency

[32:10] Training tip of the week: my secret weapon to making a good dog

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