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Doing agility with your dog is good in so many ways. It increases your ability to communicate with your dog, helps them gain confidence, is great mental and physical exercise and it’s tons of fun. Every single client I recommend agility to ends up loving it and telling me how much their dogs enjoys it.

I’ve also seen agility really improve some behavior issues as well. Learning the agility equipment is a big confidence boost for dogs, so if you dog is shy or has some anxieties doing agility can help them overcome it. Even dog reactivity can be improved upon with the help of agility.

To fill you in on the wonders of dog agility I’ve invited on dog trainer and agility instructor Tracy Sklenar. Listen in and I think you’ll be looking to give this great dog sport a try.

In this episode

[2:00]  iTunes love

[7:10]  Exactly what is dog agility

[12:18]  How agility can help some behavior issues

[14:19]  What dogs are good for agility

[21:41]  What do dogs do in agility

[31:20]  How to make your own agility equipment

[35:21]  The dog agility community

[37:28]  Dog agility online

[43:26]  Weekly training tip


Tracy’s website

Agility U – online dog agility

Clean Run – online agility magazine

United States Dog Agility

American Kennel Club


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