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Come on . . . everybody's doing it.

There’s so many different beliefs on what rules you should have with your dog. Some people are very free with their dogs and let them do whatever they want while other have a very strict household. Which way is right?

In this episode I go over why rules are so important and exactly which rules you should have and what I expect of my dog. This is stuff that too many people take for granted and if you act of the things you learn here you’ll have a happier house and dog.

In this episode

[1:18]  My weekend at Super Adoption

[5:20]  What it’s like to live in the world of another species

[8:35]  How raising kids and dogs is similar

[11:26]  The importance of consistency

[13:57]  Resource control

[18:48]  Rules during play

[25:15]  How rules may change with time

[28:35]  How dogs learn rules

[29:40]  Training tip – walking multiple dogs


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