There’s so many different beliefs on what rules you should have with your dog. Some people are very free with their dogs and let them do whatever they want while other have a very strict household. Which way is right?

In this episode I go over why rules are so important and exactly which rules you should have and what I expect of my dog. This is stuff that too many people take for granted and if you act of the things you learn here you’ll have a happier house and dog.

In this episode

1:18  My weekend at Super Adoption

5:20  What it’s like to live in the world of another species

8:35  How raising kids and dogs is similar

11:26  The importance of consistency

13:57  Resource control

18:48  Rules during play

25:15  How rules may change with time

28:35  How dogs learn rules

29:40  Training tip – walking multiple dogs


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