What should you do if you have a dog that’s super excited? As I always say, it’s very important that we try to look at things from the dog’s perspective. So why are dogs excited? They’re excited because dogs just really love life, everything is fun to them and the simplest things in life make them feel very excited.

However, dogs excitement could lead to bad behaviors. Excited dogs just continue to be excited because that kind of behavior is being rewarded, either intentionally or inadvertently. Dogs will do anything if it’s rewarded. What is rewarded will be repeated. We should always be conscious of what we are rewarding because we are shaping the dog’s behavior every moment we spend with them.

In this episode I discussed about the things you can do to tame your super excited dog.

In this episode

1:46  The Great Dog Adventure Club

4:00  Question: Two dogs arguing over chews

8:16  Taming an excited dog

12:36  Think of the big picture

14:15  Impulse control

21:42  When visitors come over

29:33  People on leash

32:35  Training Tip: Dogs who get car sick


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