Is pet insurance important? Is your pet insured? Do you even know that there are insurance policies for pets?

Pet insurance has been available for us for quite a while now. However, many of us don’t really understand how it works. Many don’t see the importance of getting one for their pets and most people probably see it as an extra expense.

Is it worth it to get an insurance for your pet? I personally, am no expert in this area. So to help us understand more about this, I’ve invited Dr. Doug Kenney, a veterinarian from Tennessee, who has done a lot of research about pet insurance and has also created a guide in understanding and choosing a pet insurance.

In this episode

1:29  Should you get pet insurance for your dog?

8:19  Percentage of the population with pet insurance

10:07  Pet insurance policies

13:35  Cat and dog policy differences

14:59  Factors that impact pet insurance premium

18:58  Differences in companies that offer pet insurance policies

24:50  Why get pet insurance?

26:08  First pet ever insured

27:24  Know what you’re buying

29:47  Best time to get pet insurance

33:26  Understand pet insurance

34:10  Plan in paying for your pet’s health care

39:48  Pet insurance tool kit

50:40  Training Tip: Poop Eaters


Dr. Kenney’s website –

Pet Insurance Toolkit –

Free Office Suite – Open Office

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