Summer is a great season that many of us await. However, the summer time can be harsh to dogs. Many of the things we love doing during summer, especially activities we do with our dogs, could be harmful to our pets and may be hazardous to their health. Because we enjoy summer so much, we do not realize that some of the things we do or we let our pets do are not as enjoyable for our pets as they are to us.

Remember that although we treat our dogs as humans or babies, their physiology is very different from ours. Listen to this week’s episode and learn to help you understand and take care of your pets better during the summer.

In this episode

1:02  The Great Dog Adventure Club

3:00  The Heat

7:37  Do not leave your dog in your car

9:19  Pavement

12:20  Keep them cool

15:30  Summer Storms

20:29  Thunder Phobia

21:48  Fireworks

24:16  Summer Events

26:05  Training Tip: Dogs frantic over food


Interactive maze bowl


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