Dog parks are ideal places where you can play with your dog unleashed and have fun playing and socializing with other dogs. Well, that’s what most people think of dog parks. The truth is there are things you need to know and do or not do when bringing your dog to dog parks. Also, such places may not be ideal for all dogs as every dog is unique and that includes behavior, temperament and needs.

In this episode, I also covered some tips on how your dog can be safe in dog parks and things you should not do when bringing your pet to such places. Listen in and learn what you need to know about dog parks and in bringing your dog to one.

In this episode

1:08  Dog Parks

2:04  The problem with dog parks

4:22  Different kinds of dog parks

7:42  Not all dogs

9:57  Puppies

11:42  How to be safe in dog parks

12:06  Dog park peak times

13:50  Don’t go right into the dog park

14:34  Shy, anxious, under socialized dogs

16:33  Stay close by your dog

18:48  If you’re not comfortable

20:06  Worst case scenario

23:21  Things you should not do in a dog park

30:07  Training Tip: Dog seizing the leash and playing keepaway


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