In choosing a dog trainer, many people tend to choose trainers by the training method the trainer does. For behavior issues, I think dog trainers can be the best solution as they have the knowledge and experience already in handling such things. However, it is important that you understand the different training methods used in dog training too. It is essential to educate yourself about dog training because the training doesn’t stop when the dog training session stops. Remember, in owning a dog, the training will be lifelong or for as long as you have the dog.

I believe that each dog’s training is different and should be based on each dog’s needs and phase. Listen to this episode as I discuss about the different dog training methods. I hope this helps you in choosing a dog trainer and in training your dog yourself.

In this episode

2:19  The Great Dog Adventure Club

4:50  Listener Question: How do I get my dog to stop guarding me whenever we go to the dog park?

9:09  What is the best dog training method?

9:48  The dog training industry

13:41  Positive dog training

15:44  The dog’s state of  mind

16:28  Dog whisperers

17:31  Misinterpreted wolf behavior

20:44  My Story

26:32  My perception

29:37  Training Tip: How to get some dog training mojo


Corrections vs. Rewards Podcast

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