Now that I have kids I understand how similar having a dog is to raising children. They both have needs (that are different than ours) and thrive in a world filled with structure. The basic formula for bringing up a dog or a child is rules + boundaries + guidance = happy, well balanced adult.

It’a amazing how similar sharing your life with a dog is to having children. With our kids and our dogs we have to be their leader (aka parent) and provide them with the guidance so that we are setting them up to succeed in our lives.

In this podcast I cover ten ways that you can be a good parent to your dog. If you follow these tips you’ll be on your way to being the proud parent to a very happy pooch.

In this episode

1:00  Help us get to 50

2:25  How raising kids and dogs is similar

3:20  Setting your expectations

5:54  Our job

7:22  The importance of patience

8:45  The dangers of making comparisons

10:32  The value of you

12:44  Looking for opportunities

14:30  Knowing when to get help

16:28  Don’t let your dog be lured to the Dark Side

17:52  Letting go

20:33  What you need to do – especially in the beginning

24:08  Training tip: How to teach stay by asking your dog to sit


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