In owning dogs, house training is one of the very important trainings that they should get. It is important for your dog to understand that it is not okay to just go anywhere in your house. For puppies or new dogs, that’s the first training you should give. If you don’t house train your dog, that could be a problem for the rest of your life because the dog will not have the discipline to do what you want him to do.

Now for adult dogs, house training could be a little more challenging but it is still possible. It is wonderful to have your dog house trained the first few weeks he’s with you because that will form into a habit.

In this episode I talk about house training your dog and how to properly do it whatever the age of the dog is. As you train your dog, you are also being trained to be a responsible dog owner.

In this episode

1:34  Puppies

6:42  Use a crate

9:56  Stay organized

13:00  Your dog’s individual body clock

18:07  Your schedule

20:45  Accidents

22:40  Adult dogs

22:46  Marking and house training

25:28  New Dogs

27:43  Look for the changes

28:43  Consider your dog’s medical condition

30:05  The Great Dog Adventure Club

31:48  Training Tip: Dogs who don’t want to walk


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