Almost everyone who gets a puppy or thinks of getting one has this idea that puppies are so cute, if they get one their lives would be a lot better and they can also be healthier. That could happen, but not in all cases. So if you’re one of the people who have this idealistic, well think again. Some dogs develop behavior problems as they grow, some when they reach adolescence, some as a result of incorrect training. With that said, it is essential that dog owners educate themselves in order deal and correct the dog’s behavior. As I said in many of my past podcasts, the training of your dog starts from the time you bring him home up to forever, until the time he lasts with you.

For this week’s episode, I invited Kari Neumeyer who is a member of “The Great Adventure Club.” One of the greatest things I see with the club is that members are able to interact more, ask questions and tell their stories in a way all the other members of the group learn.  Kari just got her first book published which is about her dog, her story, her learnings and mistakes in training her dog. Hope this helps you in dealing with your pooch.

In this episode

1:01  The Great Dog Adventure Club

2:53  Special guest: Kari Neumeyer

8:06  People are getting more educated

9:04  Evolution of dog training methods

13:39  Warning signs before Isis bit someone

15:31  The tendency to be in denial when it’s your dog

16:10  Recognize when there are problems

16:28  Learn how to read your dog’s stress signals

18:06  After Isis bite incident

19:39  Clicker training

20:44  Dealing with your dog’s reactivity

22:03  The key in dealing with reactivity

28:35  Understand your dog’s limitations

32:16  You gotta be proactive

33:42  For people with dogs having similar behavior problems

38:41  Kari’s book: “Bark and Lunge book: Saving My Dog from Training Mistake”

29:57  Training Tip: How to help people interested in having your dog like them


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