I get lots of questions about dogs especially dog behavior. As new podcast episodes are added, more questions about dog behavior keep coming. As you get to know your dog more, you’ll see changes in his behavior and problems may come out. Behavior problems should never be ignored. When ignored, those issues become habits and it will be more difficult for you to change that.

I want to thank all the subscribers and listeners to this podcast and everyone who follows this website by answering more of your questions. The questions sent by one person can be the same questions you have. I hope this episode helps you to have a better life with your dog.

In this episode

1:41  Reviews

3:53  What’s the proper way to get a dog stop from barking when welcoming a guest in my home?

8:01  Dogs are victims of their state of minds

10:47  Grouchy dog growls and shows her teeth when you pet her. Why does she growl?

15:10  Two dogs with no interest in fetching anything. Can a dog be taught to be a fetcher?

19:24  Do dogs behave out of spite? Why do they look guilty when I come home after even finding that they have done something inappropriate?

22:12  What do I do with a yellow lab who eats anything?

23:43  Be realistic

25:33  Good repetitions

27:31  Training Tip: How to teach your dog to do something that he’s having trouble doing

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