Every dog owner should understand that in having a dog, training him will be lifelong. But sometimes there are things that some dogs don’t easily get and do when you tell them to, even if you’re already training the dog to do it. There are times as well when we are not aware that we are doing it wrong or we simply do not really know how to do it correctly. Educate yourself. Keep in mind that compliance and obedience training can help prevent or treat behavior problems.

Because dogs are part of family, dogs require rules and structures. The rules and structures are not just for the dog but for the dog owner too as those things help you have a better relationship and life with your dog. For this week’s podcast, I share with you 12 ways on how to get better compliance for your pets. Hope this helps you and your dog.

In this episode

1:18  Thank you!

1:46  12 Ways to get better compliance out of your dog  

1:52  Good foundation

3:42  Communication

6:21  Make sure everyone is on the same page

8:28  Working on too many things at once

9:56  Be realistic

12:11  Understand opportunities

14:42  Keep verbal cues simple and different from one another

16:32  Hand Signals

17:51  Reward not bribe

19:36  Reward Intermittently

21:57  Homework

24:13  Keep skills fresh

25:58  Training Tip: Get compliance with something that your dog has particular difficulty with

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