Training your dog needs time and dedication. With that said, many dog owners are already dedicated and give time for their pets, still they don’t get the results they want. In order to have a harmonious relationship with your dog and with your family as well, you need to know the correct kind and way of training your pet. There are lots of various trainings you can give your dog but which ones should you choose. For people who have busy lifestyles and tight schedules, that means maximizing the time you have for your pet, like which things you should focus on at different stages of your dog’s life.

The 80 – 20 principle is commonly known in business world, but it can also be applied to almost anything including dog training. 80 – 20 says that 80% of the results you get can be accomplished with 20% of hard work you give it. That 20% should be focused on the very important things that produce great results. In this podcast, I share with you the 80 – 20 principle you should apply in training your dog. I hope this helps you have an awesome life with your dog

In this episode

1:02  Maxene

3:09  Strut your mutt

4:44  The 80 – 20 Principle of dog training

7:54  The 20%

8:36  The calm state of mind

11:07  Exercise

13:15  Check points

15:53  Walk your dog

19:51  The 80 – 20 of puppies

20:31  The 80 -20 of obedience

22:07  Training Tip: Dogs who love to beg at the table


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