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People with dogs should know that they should train their dogs from the time they get them and the training is lifelong. I find it unbelievable that many dog owners don’t really practice that. What happens when you get a dog and not train him? Behavior issues come out and your dog can become unpredictable.

Just for a change on this week’s episode, I  decided to talk about case studies of dogs I’ve worked with. The cases I talked about in this podcast were real cases and were my real clients with the names changed on purpose. Your dog may have the same issues with one of these cases so listen in. Hope this helps you know and resolve issues with your dog.

In this episode

[1:31]  Case studies

[2:38]  Maddie the Pit bull

[3:15]  Owners are expecting a baby

[5:14]  Structure

[7:46]  Eye contact

[11:45]  Jojo the Shepherd lab mix

[12:29]  Fenced backyard

[14:51]  Whatever you reward is gonna be repeated

[15:58]  Give  what they need, not what they want

[18:58]  Benny the Schnauzer

[21:00] Dogs are victims of their state of minds

[24:40]  Play chase on your terms

[25:58]  Sensitive with the back paws being touched

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