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Come on . . . everybody's doing it.

Working with dogs throughout the years including rescue dogs, I have seen many things that people believe regarding dogs. Those beliefs affect how people train their dogs and also how they deal with dogs other than the ones they own. Now, those can be fact or fiction. However, if the belief is a fiction, people tend to stereotype dogs or breeds in general and that I believe should not be the the case.

In this podcast, I share with you dog beliefs that are facts and discuss with you the truth about the fictions. Hope these help in training your dog better.

In this episode

[2:11]  Fact or Fiction

[2:31]  Dogs do things out of spite

[4:37]  Using treats

[6:34]  Misbehaving dogs

[8:34]  Aggressive dog

[10:37]  Fear

[11:45]  How dogs learn

[13:37]  All Terriers

[14:53]  Leading your dog

[16:56]  Puppies with other dogs

[18:17]  Dog’s behavior

[19:53]  Dog sleeping in bed

[22:00]  Tug of war

[24:56]  Keep an open mind

[25:43]  My third book coming out soon


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