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In getting a dog, people are excited to socialize their dogs with other dogs and some would want to get another dog too. However, when their dog is introduced to another dog and to more dogs, that’s when they see some behavior issues. Let’s try to compare this with humans. As humans, we don’t really like everyone we see, especially when someone bothers us or maybe rub us in the wrong way. What we do is avoid. There are some people that’s hard to avoid because they always shove you and think that it’s okay and that’s just really annoying. Now imagine how dogs feel when such things happen to them.

This week’s episode is a milestone for me. I’ve been doing this podcast for about a year now and I really look forward to doing episode 50 and also doing the next 50 more. Every episode is special to me, but since this is episode 50, I made it extra special by discussing about dogs, their relationships with other dogs and what you can do to help yours be a better dog.

In this episode

[2:54]  Not every dog will like every other dog

[4:04]  Energy abundance

[7:31]  Forward dogs

[7:54]  How bad associations develop

[10:12]  How can your dog get along with everyone?

[10:23]  The magic of socialization

[12:35]  Monitor interactions

[14:02]  Selective interactions

[15:17]  Dog reactivity

[16:17]  Walk

[16:46]  Management of multiple dogs

[18:23]  Break up play often

[20:08]  Hierarchy

[20:36]  Structure and guidance

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