One of the things I have observed in working with dogs as a trainer is that small dogs are treated more like babies compare to big dogs. Most people think that dogs are so cute and cuddly that many deal with small dogs like toys or stuff toys. This is very true especially with their owners. Yes, dogs are really like children in the home and may look like cuddly stuff toys but they shouldn’t be babied too much because that can result to multiple behavior problems.

Due to the size of small dogs and to their pleasing appearance, people have the tendency to overlook bad behaviors. As I always say, in getting a dog, training is lifelong and small dogs are no exceptions. Training is a must whether you have a big or small dog. To help you train your small dogs better, you need to understand more about the issues in having one and in training it and that is what I discussed in this podcast.

In this episode

1:10  The Dog Rescue Handbook

3:09  Seminar for rescue people

4:05  Small dogs

5:13  Does size matter?

9:34  The dog’s needs

10:32  Four on the floor

11:16  Inadvertently rewarding behaviors

12:45  Posture and body language

13:49  Size does matter

15:26  Crowds

15:56  Walking

19:03  Feeding

20:03  Appropriate treats

22:04  Dog staring at you when she wants something

23:33 Rewarding a calm state of mind for a dog that’s very excited

25:02  Yawning


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