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Do you think it’s possible to read your dog’s mind? Now some may that it’s not really necessary. I’ve seen people who look like they can read their dog’s mind or at least read the dog’s behavior, especially when the dog has been with them for a while. I believe understanding your dog is essential in order to have a great relationship with your dog .

As I often say, in getting a dog, training him will be lifelong. If you are able to understand your dog better, you’ll also be able to train him better. The key to understanding your dog is to try to think like how he thinks and see things from his point of view. I want everyone to really “get” their furry best friends, so in this episode I talk about how you can better understand your dog by trying to see things from his perspective. Hope you find this helpful.

In this episode

[0:27]  Your dog’s view point of the world  

[1:47]  Walking

[5:20]  Your dog’s sense of smell

[8:43]  Greeting people

[13:42]  Basic obedience

[14:51]  Your dog’s lifestyle

[16:53]  The concept of leadership

[21:28]  Voice message from podcast listener Sharon

[22:26]  What to do with a resource guarding dog?


Dealing with Resource Guarding Dogs

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