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In life, we learn a lot of things from different places, different people we meet, different circumstances and different experiences we go through. Having Hayley in my life has taught me many things. She’s now 14 years old and I really treasure all the time that I have her.

We train our dogs in order to have better lives with them but did you know that our dogs can teach us as well. In this podcast, I want to share with you some of the life lessons I learned from my dog, Hayley.

In this episode

[1:46]  How you can learn from your dog

[2:00]  Turning 45

[3:35]  My first ever online basic obedience and manners class

[6:30]  Every moment is worth celebrating

[8:57]  Love equals time

[10:22]  Don’t over think

[11:38]  Don’t judge

[13:23]  Be friendly

[14:40]  The simple things

[17:24]  Embrace change

[20:09]  Repetition will shape behavior

[21:36]  Grow old gracefully

[23:04]  You are never too old to be playful

Hayley in bed stuffing


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