The first thing that you need to determine when you have a problem behavior with your dog is whether the situation calls for treatment or management. It’s a very important distinction that many people get wrong and one that causes much frustration.

In this episode I teach you the difference between treatment and management and show you when you should use each depending upon your situation.

In this episode

1:02  My first ever online basic obedience and manners class

2:17  Treatment vs. Management

2:39  What is treatment?

2:44  What is management?

7:43  Can you do the amount of repetitions needed?

8:59  Can you control the environment?

10:12  Do you have consistency with everybody involved?

11:15  Do you have the desire to do the work?

13:02  Treat one thing but manage the rest

14:46  Understand when a situation is for treatment or management

15:18  Client success story


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