Socialization with your dog is something you should be continually doing throughout your dog’s life. However, there can be limitations or restrictions in socializing your dogs and one of those is the dog’s interaction in group settings. Understanding what the dogs are doing and how they feel about the activity is important for both safety and enjoyment.

Listen to this interview with the well respected dog trainer, Sue Sternberg and find out the do’s, dont’s, and guidelines in dog group interactions.

In this episode

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4:35  Interview with Sue Sternberg

5:42  The group dog dynamics

6:14  The good, the bad, the ugly of getting dogs together

6:23  The climate in the dog world

14:36  An ideal playgroup

20:25  Red alert behaviors

28:23  How to get the red alert behavior resources

30:04  Dogs or dog breeds that shouldn’t be in dog parks

34:15  The best way to break up a dog fight in a dog park

38:20  What to do if your dog has been attacked and there’s been an altercation, is there a way to re-introduce him to a multi-group setting?

42:25  What’s the best way to start a dog-dog play program at a shelter that doesn’t have one in the past?

44:54  Dog park assistant

50:04  Where to find Sue Sternberg


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