Happy new year everyone! This is the time of year where we all reflect on what we’ve done and plan for the year ahead. We vow to stop some things, while make resolutions to start up some new habits.

Just about everyone does this with our personal and professional lives, however we seldom include our dogs in our new goal setting. Well, I think it’s time we started making some promises to our furry best friends and make 2015 your best year with your dog.

So for the first podcast for the year I’ll talk about the 10 New Years resolutions you can make with your dog.

In this episode

1:29  My personal resolutions

3:20  Your resolutions with your dog

4:25  Go to new places

6:16  Exercise more

9:14  Stop taking your dog’s diet for granted

11:20  Tell your dog when he’s good more often

14:13  Always keep in mind that your dog is a dog

17:42  Learn 1 new thing

18:52  Practice more

20:40  Give more stimulation

22:58  Take time to assess how your dog is doing (and make changes accordingly)

24:32  Share info with others


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