Winter can be a long and cold season. With temperatures dipping there are lots of concerns and considerations you need to be aware of with your dog. Although some breeds are able to tolerate the extreme cold because they’re really bred for that, not all breeds can endure it.

To keep your pets happy during this season, they will need a little more special attention. What you need to think about and what you do will depend upon the type of dog you have. With a little thought and preparation both you and your dog can get through the Winter season in style. In this podcast I talk about the things you can do to keep your dog healthy and happy during the winter.

In this episode

1:40  FernDog Rescue Foundation milestone

2:09  Free webinar

3:12  Winter concerns for dogs

3:40  Understand how the cold affects your individual dog

6:12  Bundle up

8:04  Snow every step

9:50  Salt

12:07  Dogs love heat

13:02  The activity level

13:45  Interactive toys

16:13  Group class

16:40  Dry skin

20:16  Listener Question: Resource control between two dogs

22:43  Listener Question: Extreme anxiety in the car


Pet Safe Ice Melt

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