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In this episode we’re going to talk about all those dogs who get a little grumpy about being touched. Whether it’s their ears, back feet, tail or being picked up, for whatever reason they just don’t like it and can get a bit nasty about it.

The key is to change the dog’s perception of the event to make them tolerate (and sometimes even like) the handling. You need to do this in just the right way or you risk making the problem worse. I’ll go over exactly how you can work with your dog so that you can happily handle him without worrying about getting some teeth marks on your hands.

In this episode

[1:18]  My first online class was a success!

[2:57]  Why your dog doesn’t like being touched

[5:20]  The Plan

[7:16]  Dog’s that don’t like their collar grabbed

[8:15]  Hand shy dogs

[12:20]  Dogs that don’t like being brushed

[15:22]  How to work with dogs that don’t like be disturbed

[17:50]  Dogs that don’t like being picked up


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