By far the most common thing people hire me for is dogs that are reactive to other dog while on leash. To us it seems strange that our lovable dog would act so grumpy toward another pooch, but it’s actually quite common. When we put restraints (leash) on our dogs we change natural behavior and introduce tension into our dogs. And tension is never a good thing.

Leash reactivity is caused by a variety of factors and understanding both the cause and the ideal treatment plan is the best way to help it improve. In this episode we’ll discuss what’s going on with leash reactive dogs and go over how you can work with them to change their behavior pattern.

In this episode

 1:20  5 causes of leash reactivity

2:30  What to do if your dog has a bad experience with another dog

4:15  Genetic factors

4:46  How fenced in yards can increase reactivity

7:19  Balancing treatment and management

10:12  Changing your dog’s state of mind

12:09  How repetitions leads to bad habits

14:00  Finding your dogs threshold of tolerance

18:54  The power of a pack walk

22:47  Working in the environment

25:32  Experiment with some training leashes/collars

30:34  How our energy can affect our dog’s


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