After working with rescues for a number of years I’ve realized that although people who are involved in dog rescue are very dedicated they can sometimes lack some of the information to really maximize what they do. The problem is that we’re all so busy just doing the day to day stuff to keep the rescue engine running that it’s hard to take the time to assess what we’re doing and learn new ways to do things.

The reason we’re involved in rescue is that we love dogs with all our hearts. The problem is that we sometimes let our emotions dictate our decisions instead of balancing that with what our brains are telling us. Also we get accustomed to doing things as we always have and unless we prioritize learning some new skills it can get continually pushed back.

To help give you some information and sone incite on how you might be able to super charge your rescue efforts I’ve asked the heart and soul of The FernDog Rescue Foundation, Donna Buccellato, to join me to go over what’s really working for us.

In this episode

2:23  My online Dog Rescue 4 Week Course

6:50  Welcome Donna Buccellato to the show!

8:38  Why following your heart can get you into trouble

10:40  How to take care of your fosters

13:08  Danger of taking dogs you can’t handle

14:22  Have an exit strategy

17:38  The most important word you need to learn to say

21:49  How to create a team

28:13  Finding the right people

33:22  Dangers of growing your organization too quickly

37:50  The one metric you should be focusing on in rescue

38:20  Key questions to ask potential adopters

41:44  Be like Dr. House

44:50  Importance of learning about the dog

49:30 What you need to do after you adopt the dog out

52:16  How you can follow up

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