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What breed of dog do you have? Have you considered what behavior traits come with that breed and how your dog’s breed can affect how you train them?

Most people don’t put that much thought into it and then are shocked when their dog act in certain ways, not realizing that the behaviors are genetically coded into their DNA. Breeding characteristics can be pretty strong in some dogs and should be expected in most cases. It’s very important that you understand the genetic traits of your dog so that you know what to expect and then can work with him in a way the supports his breed tendencies instead of fighting them.

In this episode we’ll go over some common breeds, their typical behavior traits and how you can work with them in such a way that you fulfill their genetic needs and are able to train them successfully.

In this episode

[2:02]  Where dogs come from

[4:20]  Why we have problems due to breed

[5:26]  Working dogs

[8:41]  Climate concerns

[10:16]  Hunting dogs

[12:12]  Scent hounds

[16:13]  Breeds that should never be off leash

[17:30] Terriers

[21:03]  Guarding breeds

[23:37]  Herding dogs

[28:12]  Considerations before you get a specific breed


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