If your dog is anxious, uncomfortable, scared or just doesn’t like being in the car, this episode is for you. We’ll discuss how you can help your dog overcome his fear of the car and maybe even learn to enjoy going for a ride in the car.

You can do some things while you’re driving to help your dog with car sickness and change his impression and his experience of getting in the car as well as taking the ride in style.

In this episode

 1:18  iTunes love

2:29  Your dog’s perspective of car travel

3:37  How to help with car sickness

4:31  Should your dog be secured in the car

6:40  Dogs with anxiety in the car

7:10 Treating car anxiety

9:40  Taking it to the next level

10:30  Making a positive association to the car


Seat belt for medium and large dogs

Small dog seat belt 

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