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A shocking 77% if dog bites come from the family dog or a friend’s dog. Yes, 77%! That’s a lot of lovable furry family members sinking their teeth into the people they love the most.

So why does this happen?

Sadly, it’s often because we set it up to happen by not realizing how our dogs are perceiving what we do – especially with our kids.

The good news is that after you listen to today’s episode you’ll know exactly what to do – and not to do – with your dog to ensure that your dog is never put in a situation where he will be forced into a bite. I’m joined by Leah and Justine from The Family Dog who explain how to keep everyone in your family (human and furry) safe and happy forever.

In this episode

[0:59]  Welcome from my little co-hosts

[3:55]  Who are Leah and Justine

[6:28]  Why training a family dog is a little different

[11:22]  The consequences of not understanding how your dog is feeling

[13:44]  The mistakes kids make

[17:01]  Signs that your dog is not comfortable

[24:01]  Don’t judge others

[30:45]  What training you should do with your dog

[36:35]  Peace, love, kids, dogs program

[41:18]  When should kids become involved in training

[45:55]  What to do when kids want to pet your dog on leash


Stop the 77

The Family Dog

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