Nothing beats a good summer road trip. New scenery, fresh air and good times.

But you know who else loves road trips? Your pooch! So why not bring him along for the fun.

In this episode I’ll tell you what you need to consider when taking your dog on the road and give you some great ideas of some day trips that will be tons of fun for you and you furry buddy. And I’ll also give you a few great spots where you can go on a full vacation with your dog. Good times ahead.

In this episode

1:01  Thank you Canada

2:18  Great seat covers for your car

5:14  Why take your dogs with you

6:04  My favorite road trip

8:03  Grabbing a bite with your pooch

10:15  Getting ready for a road trip

13:15  Places to go on vacation with your dog


Show sponsor: 4Knines

Campsites at Disney’s Lake Buena Vista

Douglas Family Preserve

Dog Park Inn

Camp Unleashed

Camp Gone To The Dogs

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