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If your dog gets grumpy when people or other dogs approach you, either at home or on leash, there’s a chance you have a relationship issue. Your dog could be claiming you as their resource and protecting his or her valuables. This is something that is often enabled by us but can have serious implications – especially if children are involved.

This week I’ll go over what the symptoms look like and give you a plan to change things so your dog doesn’t see you as a possession so that he behaves himself when people interact with you.

In this episode

[1:39]  Thanks to my Aussie fans

2:12  Awesome car seat covers at 4Knines

[4:40]  Problem with rat terrier

[5:49]  Causes of a dog being possessive

[6:46]  Signs your dog is being possessive of you

[8:55]  Anxious dogs being possessive

[11:05]  The problem with your relationship

[14:21]  A relationship is earned

[15:15]  Don’t reward the behavior

[17:17]  Creating a healthy relationship

17:45  Rescue Warriors!

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