There’s a lot of confusion about feeding dogs a raw diet. I’ve invited on a special guest to the show to help you discover if a raw food diet is right for you dog and how you can go about doing it.

I welcome Kimberly Gauthier from to the show to tell us how she made her way to feeding her dogs a raw diet and pick her brain on the benefits and concerns, as well as the best ways to feed raw. If you’ve every thought about switching over to the raw diet but haven’t really understood what it really entails, this is the show for you.

In this episode

0:55  A big thank you to . . . you!

4:24  Welcome Kimberly

9:55  Opening your mind

10:52  What is raw feeding

16:00  Very few trips to the vet

20:22  Benefits of feeding raw

28:30  Cost of feeding raw

36:18  A good place to start

38:57  Some recommended supplements

45:16  Is a raw diet good for all dogs

49:03  Raw bones

55:45  Alternating proteins


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