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So you’ve got a good dog, but . . .

He’s a bit rambunctious, likes to play rough and bite the leash like it’s a game of tug of war. This behavior seems innocent enough at first but gets old real fast and is something you need to be addressed.

I’ll explain why your crazy dog does what he does and what you need to do to save your hands from bruises and your leashes intact.

In this episode

 [0:57]  Enjoy your dog today

[3:40]  Why dog’s are mouthy

[4:13]  Always think of the big picture

[6:45]  Rules of play

[9:55]  Begin treating leash biting before you leave the house

[11:35]  Why dogs like to bite the leash

[12:40]  Your dog’s “sweet spot”

[15:01]  Making your walk a training exercise

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