If your dog is like most, he likes food. His food is good but your food is way better. And some dogs go to great extremes to attempt to get your meal when you’re sitting at the dinner table trying to enjoy it. This guys are annoying and embarrassing.

Well, if that sounds like you help is here!

I’ll talk about how to train your dog not to beg, steal or pester you when you sit down to eat your dinner. Prepare to eat in peace from this day forward.

In this episode

1:30  Thanks to today’s sponsor

3:30  Are you inadvertently enabling your dog’s begging

3:50  A calm association to food is critical

5:03  Strategy #1 to train your dog be a pest at the table

7:25  Pick someone to work with the dog at meals

9:04  2nd strategy to get better behavior at the table

11:25  The reward schedule

12:48  Next round of classes is about to begin

15:48  Who is this class right for


My video on impulse control

Basic Obedience & Manners online class

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