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As football season begins once again, I can’t help but think about Michael Vick and what happened to those poor dogs in his dog fighting ring.

The book The Lost Dogs tells the story of these amazing dogs and shows us not only the horrors that they endured but their loving resilience as well. It’s one of my favorite all time dogs books and in this episode I bring the author Jim Gorant on the show to give us the inside story on the Vicktory Dogs.

In this episode

[1:03]  My mini Michael Vick rant


[5:18]  My new shirt design

[7:45]  Who is Jim Gorant and how he ended up writing the book

[9:35]  Pit Bull impressions

[10:47]  The “little brown dog”

[14:00]  Meeting some Vick dogs

[16:22]  How the dogs surprised all the experts

[18:02]  Gotta love Johnny Justice

[19:12]  Public reaction to the book


The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant

My Vicktory Dogs t-shirt

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