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I’m a rescue guy so it should come as no surprise that I’m against puppy mills. They are barbaric dog factories where the animals are poorly treated and are creating unhealthy and bad mannered puppies.

What I’m always most surprised at is how many people don’t understand how to identify which places are puppy mills (especially online) and how we can stop them. So invited Carol Araneo-Mayer on the show to give us the real deal on puppy mills. Carol is co-founder National Puppy Mill Day and a board member of The National Puppy Mill Project and has been leading the fight to stop these horrible places. 

In this episode

[1:41]  How hard it is to find a good breeder

[6:10]  Definition of a puppy mill

[10:19]  Is it legal?

[13:05]  Pet store problems

[17:15]  How to find a reputable breeder

[19:58]  Beware of breeders you find online

[24:30]  Health problems with puppy mill dogs

[25:55]  What we can do to stop puppy mills

[33:46]  The condition of dogs rescued from puppy mills

[35:16]  My assignment for you


National Puppy Mill Project

Adopt-A-Pet New Jersey

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