Do you know how to play with your dog? Sounds kind of silly doesn’t it? Well if you’re just letting your dog run around like a crazy dog you could be setting yourself up for some behavior problems.

In this week’s podcast I’ll go over the smart way to play with your dog so that your pooch will be well mannered at playtime and other times as well.

In this episode

0:57  My new website!

3:20  This is all Victoria Stilwell’s doing

5:50  How to most people play with their dog (that’s not helpful to you or your dog)

7:21  Play, the great reward

9:35  The rules of play

10:15  My one big rule for play

11:42  Who’s idea is it?

13:30  Watch the energy

15:54  Using training in play

17:34  Tug of war – good or bad?


My new website

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