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There are lots of ways to help your dog when it’s sick, injured or just getting older. In the past most have been immediately treated with drugs, however now there are a number of options that can be used instead of or in conjunction with medication.

Today we’ll talk about using acupuncture on dogs to help all kins of ailments. Currently I’m using acupuncture on my dog to help with a bad leg and arthritis, and I’ve invited on veterinarian and acupuncture practitioner Dr. Colette Brazer to learn if acupuncture might help your dog.

In this episode

[1:07]  Fern give thanks

[3:47]  Welcome Dr. Brazer to the show

[5:25]  How Dr. Brazer found acupuncture

[8:00]  How acupuncture works

[14:05]  The 3 kinds of acupuncture

[19:00] How long will it take to work

[23:11]  How dogs typically behave during the treatment

[26:20]  What ailments will acupuncture help

[31:19]  How much does it cost

[33:50]  How to find an animal acupuncturist


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