Tis the season to adopt a new dog.

That’s great but let’s make sure you’re doing everything you can to ensure that you’ll be together forever. Too many people give their new dog the run of the house right away and are then confused and angry when he makes some mistakes.

If we do things the right way, however, we can help your new dog get adjusted to his new home and set him up to do the right thing, which will make everyone happy.

In this episode

1:03  When I got my dog

3:24  Understand your dog’s perspective

4:39  The biggest mistake people make

6:42  What to do when you first bring your new dog home

9:01  New house, family, new rules

10:47  The “honeymoon period”

12:40  The dangers of holiday parties

15:21  Controlling resources

18:45  Recognize potential problems

20:32  Keep the rescue in the loop

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