With every single year that goes by our lives with are dogs changes and evolves.

In this episode I look back on 2015 and the clients and dogs I’ve worked with to discover what trends (both good and bad) I noticed. I’ll fill you in on what issues are on the rise with domestic dogs so that you can be aware of what to look out for in your dog – and how to fix them.

I’ll also give you some homework for this year that will help you and your dog have an amazing 2016 together.

In this episode

1:30  Assessing the year behind and looking ahead

4:03  The biggest mistake people made in 2015

6:50  One big side effect of us not taking care of our dog’s needs

9:14  Good news for puppies!

14:59  Do you really know what your dog needs?

18:08  Dogs as family members – good or bad?

21:40  What you need to do to have a great 2016 with your dog

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