If you’ve got more than one dog or work with groups of dogs you need to listen to this episode.

No one likes to think that their dogs would ever get into a serious scuffle, however that’s what happened to Donna. Dogs that have lived together for years one day got into it and it was serious leaving one of her dogs almost dead and chewed up hand for her. And Donna isn’t a dog novice either – she’s a dog trainer, pet sitter and been fostering dogs for rescue for over a decade.

If it can happen to her, it can happen to anyone. In this episode Donna and I will discuss how to keep your dogs out of a fight, how to handle it if they get into it and how to rebound from an altercation between your dogs.

In this episode

1:50  A great freeze dried raw food company

5:08  Who is Donna?

8:39  The fight

16:07  Precautions you can take

21:28  Warning signs to look out for

27:37  What to do in a dog fight

33:45  How to come back after a fight

39:35  Getting educated is critical


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Donna’s website

FernDog Rescue Foundation

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