Surprise, surprise, your dog doesn’t really love going to see the vet.

Can you blame him? It’s not always the most fun for him.

Well even though your dog might be headed to the vet’s office to get poked and prodded we can still help him not only tolerate it but voluntarily go there. All we have to do is do it the right way.

In this episode I go over exactly what you need to do to make going to the veterinarian’s office less of a pain in the furry ass.

In this episode

1:30  Muddy car seats

3:02  Why your dog dislikes the vet so much

4:35  A sensory assault

6:12  Turning the tables on how your dog sees the vet trip

7:43  Start rewarding early and often

10:25  Make your visit a training exercise


My favorite freeze dried liver

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