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This program takes all the guesswork out of becoming a dog trainer and shows you exactly how to create a lasting, sustainable career doing what you love. Other dog training programs merely throw outdated written information at you, test you and then promptly forget about you. The FernDog Trainer Academy is much different. This program provides you with relevant, real-world content in an easy to understand video format. In addition, each lesson comes with a complete written companion and additional PDF’s.

This one of a kind program also details exactly how to start and run a dog training business, as well as, the secrets of being successful in business and life (something you won’t find anywhere else).


Video Lessons

Tons of easy to understand, absorb and implement video instruction.

Written Coursework

Complete written companion that expands on the video lessons.

Business Help

Detailed instruction on how to build and grow a successful business.

Personal Guidance

Live coaching calls with Fern every month, as well as email support plus a private Facebook group.

Go At Your Own Pace

Learn when you want to, according to your schedule and desired pace.

Lifetime Support

Once you complete the program you still may need help. That’s why you get support from me FOREVER.

I am so glad I enrolled in the FernDog Trainer Academy! The course was easy to follow and it covers everything you need to know to get started in the dog training world. Fern is a huge help along the way offering tons of advice along with his personal time if needed. The course is always available to you even after graduation, which is great if you need to brush up on a certain subject. I now have the education and the confidence to start my career as a certified dog trainer thanks to the FernDog Trainer Academy!!

Sandy Sparks

FernDog Graduate

The FernDog Trainer Academy was one of the best choices I have made in my lifetime. It takes a lot of searching to find the right place to train to become a dog trainer. When I came across the FernDog Trainer Academy, something inside told me this was the right place. Fern not only provides a wealth of information in understanding and training dogs, he also provides you valuable knowledge in business and quite frankly in life. His sincere and positive approach to teaching his students is not something you can find just anywhere. Fern genuinely wants to see you succeed. As proof of this he is committed to stay with you and help in any way he can for as long as you like beyond the lessons. If you really want to succeed as a dog trainer and beyond, you have to do it with the FernDog Trainer Academy.

Chris Takacs

FernDog Graduate

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Dog Communication

You’ll learn to better understand how dogs are communicating, learn dog body language, how they perceive things and what you can read exactly what’s on their mind.

Week 2: Obedience Training

Here you’ll learn how to teach a dog the basic cues as well as how to teach and run your own group classes (with all my class syllabuses, homework handouts and waivers for you to download and use).

Week 3: Common Behavior Problems and Doing Private Consultations

We go over the common behavioral issues you’ll likely encounter like barking, jumping, chewing, etc. and how to address them. I’ll also teach you how to conduct private in-home behavior training sessions.

Week 4: Fear and Anxiety

You’ll learn how to assess, identify and treat dogs with anxieties and fears in a number of different areas.

Week 5: Aggression

Here you’ll learn how to work with dogs who are aggressive toward people and other dogs in a way that will keep you safe and help the dog.

Week 6: Puppies

The early stages of a dog’s life are the most important and it’s up to you to make sure they get what they need to become happy and healthy adults. This module will show you how what needs to be done.

Week 7: Canine Nutrition

Learn the basic of proper and optimal dog nutrition so that you can make yourself a more valuable resource to your clients and help dogs live longer and better lives.

Week 8: Working With Different Kinds of Dogs

In this modules you’ll learn how to work with different breeds so you can tailor your training to each dog’s specific needs.

Week 9: Case Studies

Some real world examples of some of my private clients so you can see how I treated the issues and what the outcomes were.

Week 10: Business of Dog Training - Part 1

Everything you need to know about how to set up and grow your business.

Week 11: Business of Dog Training - Part 2

More great business training including how to use email marketing, build your brand and using social media.

Week 12: Getting Your Business Started

In this final module I give you a step by step action plan for what you need to do to get your new dog training career off to a great start.

You have no idea what being able to take your course has done for me. When I made the decision to become a dog trainer I was soon discouraged due to the price of other programs – there was no way I could come up with that kind of money. But I was motivated because I absolutely love working with dogs.

So I kept studying YouTube videos and one video I watched was one of yours. I went to the website and as you may remember, did my research on you and your program. I had to make sure that everything was on the up and up and I was going to get what was looking for.

I loved your course! There was so much valuable information. I completed each lesson within a day or 2 of getting it because I was so excited. I really appreciate what you do! Even more I appreciate the price which made the beginning of this journey possible for me!

Melissa C

FernDog Graduate

Here’s what’s included

  • 12 Video Lessons
  • Complete Written Coursework
  • Business of Dog Training Bootcamp
  • Monthly coaching calls with me
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Certificate
  • Lifetime support & guidance


One time payment of $1,997

(Monthly payment option also available)

Next Open Enrollment:

Winter 2018

The videos are great! I keep going back and watching as many as I can. I have worked with dogs my whole life and have learned more in the past 11 weeks with your course than the last 35 years. Thanks sooooo much for this opportunity, you will never know much I appreciate you and this course.

Michelle Lintecum

FernDog Graduate, Shine Dog Training

When I started the FernDog Trainer Academy, I already had a dog training certificate from another organization. My decision to further my education with the FernDog Trainer Academy has proven to be invaluable. This program is very easy to understand and has great wealth of knowledge that you will not get anywhere else. I still find myself looking back at the coursework and using it for reference.

Brittany Mangrum

FernDog Graduate, Calm and Collected Canine

Frequently Asked Questions

What's my training style?

There are two main training philosophies in the world of dog training: positive dog training and dog whispering. The two are very different and both sides kind of hate the other.

I’m a little different from most dog trainers in that I don’t take sides. I’m an open minded guy and an open minded dog trainer. I’ve never met one person or have seen one method that I agree with 100%. So, instead of picking a side, I take what I like from everyone I encounter and leave what I don’t feel works. I call myself the “mutt” of the dog training world because I’m influenced by many different sources and mix them together to make my own unique style. That being said, I am heavily rooted in positive dog training.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Although I have the course set up as a 12 week program, everyone goes at a different pace. Most people take the full 12 weeks or longer, however, if you have a lot of free time or are just really motivated you can complete it much quicker. It’s really up to you.

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever. All the videos and resources are always available to you to come back to and review. I also update and add new stuff all the time and you’ll have access to everything forever.

Is there any support after I complete the program?

I’m here for you forever. Even after you complete the program you can email me anytime with questions and I am dedicated to being there to help you in any way that I can for as long as you like. You also always have access to the private Facebook group so you can continue to get input from the FernDog community of trainers and students.

Is this certificate recognized by other organizations?

No. Since dog training is unregulated there is no organization (government or private) overseeing the industry. All certifications are only relevant to the place that issued them. Any initials after someone’s name as a dog trainer are invented by the organization who certified them and are not recognized universally.

My advice is to focus on the what place will give you the best education and not what provides you some invented status or title. You’re clients won’t care or recognize where you got certified, they just care that you can help them with their dog.

I initially signed up for the FernDog Training Academy to have “official” training, and to get some insight into how to run a dog training business. I had self studied for over a year, reading pretty much everything I could get my hands on. I begrudgingly paid what I would eventually realize is a complete STEAL, just for the sake of knowing what to do to get my business up and running. I’m going on record right now and saying that I was more than pleasantly surprised.

Not only did I gain an amazing amount of insight into the business end of things, but I learned things about training and behavior that I hadn’t learned in all that reading. Fern is refreshingly down to earth, insightful and isn’t afraid to add links to other sites to help point me in the right direction. He was always very quick to respond to emails with my questions, and offer insight and advice.

I have only ONE regret: that I didn’t spend the money sooner! If you want to become a dog trainer, do yourself a favor, and sign up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! You won’t regret it!  

Chelle Giles

FernDog Graduate

I really want to thank you for providing such a terrific program, at such an affordable price.  I just love your energy and your attitude toward dogs. The program is fantastic and I feel i got a lot of “bang for the buck.” I cannot wait to work with dogs everyday, and quit the job i currently have. Thanks for the great program!

Wayne Hardy

FernDog Graduate

A job you love doing work that matters. 

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